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Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury retained for $9 Million

Outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury and The Boston Red Sox agreed to a $9 Million, one year contract without arbitration, this Friday. Ellsbury had missed 75 games in the previous season owing to a shoulder injury but was retained with a pay increase from $8.05 Million. Owing to his massive performance in the premier league in 2011, the decision was taken as the club wanted to give him a fair chance this season after the massive failure last year.

Ellsbury is expected to opt for transfer next season and if he can perform close to what he did in 2011, he will gain a bigger increase in pay packet next year. Sports betting in 2011 were on the Red Sox in 2011 solely due to Ellsbury’s massive destructive spree and if can perform to that level he can easily expect a pay packet close to $20 - $25 Million in the next season.

It is for this singular reason that Ellsbury has not approached The Red Sox for an extension in the contract as of now. Having missed out a whole season, the pressure is on Ellsbury to prove that he still has the edge. Unibet is already online betting on Ellsbury’s future and he seems to be the favorite at the moment.

This season is set to witness no salary related hearings as of yet and the red Sox has made it clear that there will be no arbitration regarding Ellsbury. The only other Red Sox player who went close to swapping pay packs was Alfredo Aceves. However, he quickly decided on settling down for the $2.64 Million a year deal. The arbitration process was well underway for the new entrant Joel Hanrahan, whose pay pack suddenly increased from $4.1 Million to $7.045 Million.

Some of the other Red Sox players eligible for arbitration are Daniel Bard, Franklin Morales and Andrew Miller. Although the work is pending, these players have not called in for arbitration as of yet. Ellsbury is set for a return and fans expect him to play his usual game and win back the position he had acquired two years back.


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