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East Haven Baseball all set to go to a new level with Legion 89ers

According to the latest press release of the baseball program by the East Haven American Legion, groundbreaking changes are expected to take place in the field of baseball in the region of East Haven, with Spring just knocking the doors. As per the Vice President of the Baseball Program for the Legion’s 89er, Lou Ciaramella, said, “We are very much keyed up to take the Baseball in East Haven to a completely new level.” He also said that, “with the new program of this institution, 2013 will be remembered as the year baseball which changed forever baseball in East Haven.”

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Lou Ciaramella was also found to quote, “East Haven has always gone through the harsh features in the baseball community.” Momauguin has a Little League and Foxon Recreation has repeatedly rejected to cooperate with Momauguin and instead always opted to play baseball as the recreational sport where they are much more enthusiastic in having fun. They were not at all interested in teaching even the basics or the most fundamental skills of baseball.

In New Haven from the East Haven the Annex has Little League players. There are several dozens of Travel Team the AAU squads which are in general anchored by the local kids of East Haven. None of the mentioned organizations work in collaboration with each other to bring development in the game of baseball for the town and kids of the town but with the current development program supposed to undertake by our institution, things are certainly going to change within the course of time, said Lou Ciaramella.

The program is expected to begin this year. The East Haven Legion Program for Baseball is expected to organize clinics throughout the year and teach consistent fundamentals to the kids of East Haven.

In addition to it the program is supposed to provide regular Coaching Clinics free of cost to generate interest among the mass.


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