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What Filipe Luís brings to Chelsea

Chelsea have spent a reported £20 million on a 28-year old Brazilian left-back who only has four caps for his country.

José Mourinho knows what he’s brought to Stamford Bridge with the signing of Filipe Luís this summer. He knows that he’s made that Chelsea defence even stronger than they were last season.

Filipe Luís was a key part of Atlético Madrid’s surprise La Liga title win last season – a regular in Diego Simeone’s back four that conceded the fewest goals in Spain last season.

Unlike the traditional Brazilian left-back – a Roberto Carlos or Marcelo that are attack-minded and reliant on pace to get back into defensive positions, Filipe Luís is actually a defence first full-back.

The Brazilian will turn 29 before he makes his Premier League debut. That is still four years younger than Ashley Cole who was released over the summer but certainly not young by football standards.

Filipe Luís is a tackling machine who covers his area of the pitch very well. Opponents in La Liga last season did not have a great deal of success dribbling past him either.

Provided he replaces César Azpilicueta as expected, he will provide stronger protection to the Chelsea goalkeeper. Playing alongside John Terry also makes for the possibility of a fantastic partnership at Stamford Bridge.

As strong defences make good title contenders, Chelsea’s price at 3.00 with Betfair to win the Premier League currently suggests the public believe José Mourinho is building the 2014-15 champions this summer.

It didn’t appear there was too much José Mourinho could do to improve his defence at the end of last season after conceding only 27 goals in 38 Premier League matches last season. The Portuguese manager has not taken any chances though, making a number of switches.

Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has returned from a three-year loan spell in Madrid to compete with Petr Čech for the number one spot. Filipe Luís has been added at left-back and David Luiz has been sold to Paris Saint-Germain to raise a cool £50 million this summer.

At 6′0”, the Brazilian defender is taller than both Azpilicueta and Ashley Cole. Mourinho likes his tal full-backs for defending set pieces.

Chelsea are now a Sami Khedira or a Paul Pogba short to partner Nemanja Matić in what could be the platform for the strongest defence in world football, with a tactical manager that knows how to set up his team to defend.

Bailey is going to get long-term contract with the Reds

Homer Bailey, the 27 years old American professional baseball player, playing for Cincinnati Reds from 2007, is very close to get a long-term contract.

Bailey’s settlement hearing is programmed for Thursday. As of last week, there was a large coldness in the discussions between the two sides, but that distinction appears to have been bridged as a hearing appeared closer.

Bailey, starting pitcher, would not expose the details of his possible contract, but a report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday night said it could be worth about $100 million over six years. If the Reds aren’t capable to sign Bailey beyond 2014, he could become a free agent after ending of the season. As the hearing day draws closer, Bailey says he hasn’t been getting further tensed or stressed.

According to Major League Baseball official site, in his negotiation case, Bailey filed for $11.6 million, while the Reds had opposed at $8.7 million. One year ago, the Reds tried to sign Bailey long term but couldn’t get it completed. They avoided settlement with a contract of $5.35 million for one year.

Bailey has been with the Reds business since he was a first-round Draft pick in 2004. Since his big introduction in 2007, he has a 49-45 lifetime record with a 4.25 ERA.

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How Does Weather Affect Sports Betting Odds?

Playing under certain conditions can affect sports teams – regardless of the game that they may be playing. It is a given that bookmakers often change their odds depending on the weather conditions, especially as game time approaches.

Rain, wind, snow, or even heat waves can all have a part to play. For example, if an NFL team is particularly known for their slick long-distance passing, then winds could definitely affect it and may decrease the betting odds for the game.

Similarly if an English Premier League football team tends to focus on short passes, rain could put the odds in their favor as opposed to a team that is more accustomed to long passes that will be affected by the wet and muddy pitch.

That being said not all games and teams are affected in the same way by weather conditions. When it comes to snow in particular, games played on artificial turf that often have their own heating aren’t really going to be affected much at all even if they are outdoors. Along the same lines, heat waves may affect teams that are used to more moderate climates a lot more than those that come from hot countries in the first place.

Being aware of the weather conditions for a game that you’re betting on as well as checking out an example of the role horse betting odds based on weather can play will definitely help. Ideally, you should be able to identify whether or not the weather is going to affect the odds, and if so whether it will swing in your favor or not.

Make no mistake, bookmakers are always aware of how changes in the weather will come into play and most times you’ll find that the odds are already adjusted to account for these shifts.


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