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Bailey is going to get long-term contract with the Reds

Homer Bailey, the 27 years old American professional baseball player, playing for Cincinnati Reds from 2007, is very close to get a long-term contract.

Bailey’s settlement hearing is programmed for Thursday. As of last week, there was a large coldness in the discussions between the two sides, but that distinction appears to have been bridged as a hearing appeared closer.

Bailey, starting pitcher, would not expose the details of his possible contract, but a report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday night said it could be worth about $100 million over six years. If the Reds aren’t capable to sign Bailey beyond 2014, he could become a free agent after ending of the season. As the hearing day draws closer, Bailey says he hasn’t been getting further tensed or stressed.

According to Major League Baseball official site, in his negotiation case, Bailey filed for $11.6 million, while the Reds had opposed at $8.7 million. One year ago, the Reds tried to sign Bailey long term but couldn’t get it completed. They avoided settlement with a contract of $5.35 million for one year.

Bailey has been with the Reds business since he was a first-round Draft pick in 2004. Since his big introduction in 2007, he has a 49-45 lifetime record with a 4.25 ERA.

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How Does Weather Affect Sports Betting Odds?

Playing under certain conditions can affect sports teams – regardless of the game that they may be playing. It is a given that bookmakers often change their odds depending on the weather conditions, especially as game time approaches.

Rain, wind, snow, or even heat waves can all have a part to play. For example, if an NFL team is particularly known for their slick long-distance passing, then winds could definitely affect it and may decrease the betting odds for the game.

Similarly if an English Premier League football team tends to focus on short passes, rain could put the odds in their favor as opposed to a team that is more accustomed to long passes that will be affected by the wet and muddy pitch.

That being said not all games and teams are affected in the same way by weather conditions. When it comes to snow in particular, games played on artificial turf that often have their own heating aren’t really going to be affected much at all even if they are outdoors. Along the same lines, heat waves may affect teams that are used to more moderate climates a lot more than those that come from hot countries in the first place.

Being aware of the weather conditions for a game that you’re betting on as well as checking out an example of the role horse betting odds based on weather can play will definitely help. Ideally, you should be able to identify whether or not the weather is going to affect the odds, and if so whether it will swing in your favor or not.

Make no mistake, bookmakers are always aware of how changes in the weather will come into play and most times you’ll find that the odds are already adjusted to account for these shifts.

Big Baseball Players Who Didn’t featured on Finalist’s List

Baseball Writers Association of America has already announced the name of the finalists who have won eight final awards delivered by this association. Candidates who have been selected for these awards are all on form and really worth the audiences’ attention.

The MLB network announced winners of Jackie Robinson Rookie of American National Leagues, winners of NL and AL Manager of 2013, winners of NL and CL young awards and winners of the most valuable players for AL and NL all in alternative days of the last week. BBWAA voters may select other candidates to vote but those who have been nominated by the association are all deserving winners. However, if you click here to check current baseball lines you will get some names of the players who also deserve acknowledgement.

Martin Perez had the abilities to become AL rookie of this year because his playing rate is as similar as that of the Wil Myers, Chris Archer and Jose lglesias who have been selected as finalists. He has proved his ability by scoring 10-6record and the 3.62 ERA in last 12 innings. Moreover, he has made all these records just at 22. Hyun-Jin-Ryu and Evan Gattis on the other hand is no less powerful than Shely Miller, Jose Femandez and Yasiel Puig who have selected as the NL rookie of 2013.

Giradi would have been tough competitor of John Farrell and Red Sox for the post of AL manager of this year because of his exclusive patchwork, for his pitching staff and for aging lineup as well. Exercising these skills he has been able to keep New York in place while ending with a good 85-77 record. There is another player who deserved to be nominated for this award –Ned Yost who with his skill moved Kansas City ahead towards winning. It is due to his performance that the team has been able to improve its gaming strategy over 2012.

Mike Matheny’s ability to attempt different combinations at the field makes his place among Don Mattingly, Fredi Gonzalez and Klint Hurdle who are the nominated candidates for NL manager award. He can handle the game being young to those pitching staff and can battle with injuries easily.

Finalists for the AL Cy Young award of the year are Yu Darvish, Max Scherzer and Hishashi Iwakuma but audience were expecting Sanchez in the list who became the 2103 ERA leader winning 14 games in the league. Moreover, he delivered 202 punch-outs in less than 182 innings. Others were expecting Uehara to be in the finalists list to see his 21 saves, 101 strikeouts and other such records.

Matt Harvey and Zack Greinke also deserve the NL Cy young award like Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright because they both have walked limited number of the batters in fewer innings. Moreover, both of them have won nine and ten matches consecutively in the league to bring their teams ahead.

Critics are also commenting that Josh Donaldson and Manny Machado and Matt Carpenter and Andrelton Simmons would have been nominated for Most Valuable Player AL and Most Valuable Player NL awards.


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